About Us

Happy to share we are going to launch another website name is https://mrmaths.aakkanjobs.com  from a group of aakkan networks. This forum website especially for those who are going to prepare for state government and central government jobs and also maths-related doubts using this site effectively ask your questions related to jobs and maths questions also you have another feature on this website to read the answer as well as questions. In Tamil Nadu, no one can initiate this type of site we are the first to initiate this really happy to announce.

In this site features are adding search box, recent posts, recent comments you check daily updates on that website. Any queries related to this website mail me aakkanjobs@gmail.com  and also we added during asking questions on that website you can upload images also with below 5MB size.

Our group of websites namely www.aakkannetworks,https://aakkanjobs.com thanks for your support without we cannot initiate this type of site.our next website we planned to design especially for the online test quickly it will happen.


Please avoid uploading unwanted images in that site if uploading otherwise your account will be terminated.